20 years of scientific development and hard work
bring about a revolutionary skin care line

Inate Yeast Beta Glucan

The Inate Scientific story begins just prior to the year 1990 (25+ years ago) with a distinguished Ph.D. named Walter S.  At the time, Walter was working as Sr. Vice President of Research and Development at Estee Lauder, one of the world’s largest and most respected cosmetic companies.  Walter’s team began studying the active Yeast Beta Glucan ingredients found in Inate’s current line of products and observed that these ingredients, when used in topical skin care products, protected Langerhans cells from UV damage.  Walter also noticed that the inclusion of Inate’s ingredients in various Estee Lauder skin care formulas tended to improve the overall performance of these products.

When used over time, those using the products noticed improved skin firming and texture and reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Because of the observations of Walter and other opinion leaders in the skin care industry, a 150 person scientifically controlled study was conducted in women ages 35-60.  The results we’re spectacular.  On average participants in the study saw a 60% increase in skin firmness, a 47% improvement in fine lines and wrinkles and a perceived reduction in the age of their face by 15 years.  You can view the entire clinical study here.


Dr. Walter was so confident in his skincare breakthrough that he attempted to launch a line of doctor formulated skincare products called Health Plus, however the doctor wasn’t as skilled in marketing and sales as he was in discovering skin care products.  Ultimately, his skin care line was not successful.

For most of the last 20 years, Walter’s skin care ingredients have not been available to the average consumer. Many imposters have tried to manufacture impure and ineffective ‘YEAST Beta Glucan’. They’ll even put it on the label, however the dirty little secret is that it’s not delivered in a pure form that will have any impact on your appearance.

In recent years, several of the world’s largest cosmetic companies (we aren’t allowed to mention names) have begun purchasing OUR INATE yeast beta glucan and using it in some of their most expensive product lines.  Many of these products aren’t accessible to the average person because of their outrageous price point. So, this brings us to Inate Scientific.  We started our company to offer consumers our breakthrough anti-aging product line at a price that is affordable to almost everyone.  And, we offer a money back guarantee and a 15 or a 30 day trial on many of our product lines.