Aida Rosado

"I was a little incredulous of the great results being advertised because I had tried other moisturizing creams and serums without results. I am 64 years old and current cancer patient and I had definitely started to sag and wrinkled because of my dry skin. I reviewed the presentation rather skeptically, but the examples gave about others convinced me to try the Inate Scientific cream and serum. I was impressed by your no pressure, no gimmicks online sale. Thanks to my daughter who encouraged me, I got my package and applied the cream to one side of my face, just in case I would have an allergic reaction. In the morning, checking the mirror I was astounded! The dry part where I had applied the cream to was considerably smooth and brighter than the other side! Delighted with the results I applied it to the other side and neck, my rough and dry skin has diminished considerably. My beautician was impressed! It's been a month and the results seem very satisfying! I definitely recommend your miracle products!"

- Aida Rosado.


Elba Del Rio

"I am 44 and was upset with aging skin. Lines and drooping around mouth and jaw line. I did not like what I looked like when I smiled. I have been using the product for about four weeks now. While I can't say all the problems are gone the product is making a huge difference. This may sound weird but my face looks brighter and younger while it feels fresh and moisturized. The lines and drooping are lessened. I feel way better about the way I look, and my confidence has boost. Since I’m an active smoker most products don’t seem to work for me, but the Inate Scientific moisturizer and serum are definitely the exception. "

- Elba Del Rio.



“I’ve been using Inate’s Rejuvenating Serum for over 12 months and the results have been incredible. I am a 50+ year old woman and after 90 days of using Inate’s Serum, I started to get asked for ID when buying alcohol. It was one of the greatest complements of my life, and I owe it all to Inate!   Thank you so much.”

- Grace.